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Jul. 23rd, 2012




so the mystery nearly 9 pounds I put on in two days is at least gone. I'm back to my lowest weight from last week, but again, my tummy pooch has gone up >.< Cleaning houses sucks, it's a great workout, but it sucks. I'm REALLY hoping to get in somewhere like petsmart where I at least GET a lunch and breaks, not scarfing down food from one house to the next. That's NOT a break. If I can't use my phone, it's not a break. I got some healthy snacks and baggied them all up into decent portion sizes, but I know this bearly eating all day and rushing when I do is bad news.

Please let Petsmart call...

Jul. 13th, 2012

who me?



Yep, posting a lot, keeps me motivated ;)

Woke up feeling rather 'thick' this morning, just heavy and well, thick ;p I was dreading the Wii body test. After going up over two pounds yesterday (thank you spaghetti lunch) on top of the ups from all week, I was about at my breaking point. Well, I'm FINALLY making progress. Dropped 2.6lbs from yesterday, that was all that I had put ON this week and then a little more. I was so surprised! Forcing myself to work out daily has apparently started to work :) as well as drinking more water and eating better of course ;p

Today I did my strength/abs first to warm up, then my cardio, then some balance games to cool off. Total 45 minutes today. I "ran" for 20, and I was VERY proud of myself, in 20 mins I "ran" 3.432 miles :) I've made a kind of chart to well, chart my progress :) I've been trying to keep track of my time to track improvement. The average mile time jumped a bit at first, but that happens when you try stuff for longer ;) it's been going down overall! I know it's not anything close to what it would be if I tried to put on shoes and actually RUN that far, but it's still a boost :) And to think I thought I was feeling winded today! OK lets see if I can get my chart to actually seperate out here... no luck yet... CRAP how do you do a table again... ok there we go. wonky, but it works.

Date Time Ran Mile 1 Mile 2 Mile 3 Total Distance Average Mile Time
07/09/12 10 min ? - - 1.451 6m 53s
07/10/12 20 min ? 14m 30s - 2.856 7m 1s
07/12/12 10 min 6m 28s - - 1.617 6m 10s
07/13/12 20 min 6m 3s 11m 52s 17m 38s 3.432 5m 49s

I know I'm going to hit a point where I stop improving, but for now, these numbers feel good :) Hopefully my math is right for figuring out the average times ;)

I actually feel motivated to get stuff done today. Funny, isn't it ;)

Jul. 12th, 2012




Feeling sooooo un-hawt today. Yesterday I got on the Wii for the body test thing, the weight went up a bit again. Ended up running around doing money and grocery shopping and job hunting errands. I'm HATING the level I'm having to drop to to possibly find a job. Makes my self esteem just crash out. I ended up getting spaghetti for lunch yesterday, didn't pig out since it honestly wasn't that good, but I didn't get a workout in either. Got on the Wii this morning, up another almost two pounds. I've gone up every damn day this week. *sigh* I was feeling a little slimmer but it's too soon to take measurements, its just frustrating. Makes me want to give up alltogether but I know that won't work. I'm REALLY hoping we can go for a hike this weekend. Until then, I try to find the motivation to push through and not pity/stress eat -.-

Edit: ok I forced myself to work out, only 30 mins today. I will say at least my run time on the Wii is improving. Today I "ran" a mile in 6 mins 28 seconds, it's getting a little better each day. At least there's something ;p

Jul. 9th, 2012




So I finally get the Wii up and running, I've lost no weight in the last couple of weeks. Even with the moving and all that exercise, nothing. I took my measurements this morning, my hips in theory went down a half an inch, my midsection got bigger -.- I have a theory. I hardly ate when we were moving. Too hot, too much stress, too much to do, and a few days ago I felt pretty good about my appearance. Well, apparently my body has been trying to get me to consume the calories I missed out on because i was starving the last couple of days and doing almost no exercise. And I did drink a lot of soda this weekend, far more than I usually do in a week, so it's back to water to flush out that bloat. I'm not happy. I don't do diets well, I become miserable, so I have to find healthy stuff that actually tastes good and isn't stupid expensive.

So I put in my half hour on the Wii, "ran" 1.45 miles in 10 minutes, I was pretty proud of that. Its just jogging in place but I wasn't dying so it was good (I've never been a runner). Did the hula hoop thing for six minutes, the basic step for a few, then I ended it with some fun balance games because my back was starting to hurt from the hula ;p

Jun. 23rd, 2012



ah HA!! LJ LIVES! ;) I can post!

Saw a quote on The Knot’s wedding boards yesterday, and it really stuck with me.
"If you talked to your friends the way you talk to your body, you'd have no friends left." Apparently the author specializes in body image, here’s an article and an exercise:

I can’t quite take myself seriously talking to my stomach and waiting for a response (other than the hungry rumbles) but I kinda get the idea of how it all works. Talk bad to yourself, you don’t feel better, you feel worse, and you can take it out on yourself, which is just a downward spiral. I’m trying to look at myself right now as ‘you could be worse, but you have been and could once again be better, and we’re going to get there.’

I got my Maid of Honor dress I ordered off David’s Bridal for Djali’s wedding yesterday. Chris had to fight to help me get the zipper up. I looked like a stuffed sausage. Which makes me think about sausage-y foods, like jambalaya, and then I want to stuff my face ;) I don’t know if it can be altered to raise the flare where my hips actually are or not, I’m already going to have to have it shortened, and money is tight.

I signed up for a few free things today. I joined Fitness Magazine’s online page to get some good workout ideas, Sparkle People to track my measurements, and I’ve been posting on The Knot’s ‘getting in shape’ message board. This morning I did a great workout on the Wii, mostly cardio but a chunk also was strength training (abs), and some fun stuff too. I took my measurements today before the workout, I’m at 142 lbs, my natural waist is 32, my lower waist is 34 (ugh the dreaded pooch!), hips at 42, thigh at 24. It really doesn’t sound that bad, but on my short body, it’s not pretty. Could be worse, but working to make it better, because then I’ll feel better, I’ll feel more confident and healthy and badass ;)

SOooooooo my goals: I’m more interested in dropping inches than weight, but I know I’ve added pounds that don’t need to be there. I hope to get down to about 125-130 by October. The Wii says with my height, a healthy weight for me is around 116. Yea, if I’m totally anorexic! ;p I want to get my hips down to 40 if I can, we’ll see on that. My tummy I want down to 26/28 (yes this is possible… I’m a pear shape but an hourglassy one). Any inches off the thighs is awesome ;)

With the move coming up next week, I know I’ll be getting more exercise, and then I’ll have lots of land to run around on and I can run laps down to the creek and back up the hill if I need to ;) I have the Wii Fit I can use, I have the Zumba for that too although the belt really doesn’t like to stay in place, I have tons of workout DVDs, this really shouldn’t be an issue. At least the new place has hardwood floors… I can put on socks and skate around ;)
Setting goals! Putting it out there! I may be posting more for my own workout accountability, we’ll see ;)

Jun. 8th, 2012

who me?


food for thought...

saw this video posted on The Knot's message boards. If he can do something this amazing, I can kick a handful of pounds. I just can't give up and have to believe in myself :)


May. 6th, 2012

who me?


some progress

May started my Fun Flirty and Fabulous month, so I kind of forced myself to work out. I knew it would make me feel better I just had to force myself ;) Did half a dance workout I found on Netflix, really liked it but my knee couldn't keep up when they went to more hip-hop moves, but it was a start ;) We've gone for a walk downtown and around a few shops and stuff. We finally were able to get a Wii, and we got the Wii Fit Plus and picked up the Zumba game thingie too :) I got into that this morning (just got it last night) and played around for a while :) My Mii totally porked out and the der der der music told me 'that's overweight' ;p I was a few pounds heavier than I thought I was at but not totally surprised ;) The zumba dances were a lot of fun, but the belt wouldn't stay where it was supposed to and kept sliding up or down and not staying ;p I need to play with that a bit, maybe rig something up ;) I also tried archery yesterday for the first time in a long time, I'm not really sore from it but it'd be good for toning my arms and back :)

In fun news, I brought my wedding dress home last week :D I'm actually watching Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss, I know I'm on the smaller side but sometimes I really don't feel like it. And this show shows no matter what your size, you can look beautiful, makes me feel better :)

So, now I technically own a scale, this morning I was sitting at 140, I don't see being able to lose much more than 15 pounds, I'd look ill ;p I should take some measurements but I just don't want to ;) It's a more accurate way to track what I lose, but I just don't want to ;)

Apr. 11th, 2012



needing a boost

Figured I'd check back in, I'm in some serious need of motivation ;p

Sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring about a job is not being super kind to my mental state as well as my waistline. It's pretty dumb really, I've had no excuse not to start working out, after all I'm home all the time, I just haven't felt like I had enough energy to start. Well, except last week, I kinda cracked and did a kickboxing workout to vent some serious frustration, and I ripped my pants. Or rather my thighs rubbing together wore the denim thin enough that any vigorous activity resulted in a humiliating RIIIIIIIIIiiiip! ;p At least it was just me, but still, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. I cried in the shower.

Since the only pants I have left are suffering the soon to be same fate, my honey took me jean shopping (he had to spring it on me, I hate jeans shopping). We had just had a huge lunch and the results were not nice. He really did mean well, he felt bad I was getting so frustrated ;) But it WAS frustrating. I'm short and curvy. After trying on no less than 12 pairs I settled for one that was %50 off because I didn't want to pay full price for jeans that don't fit right. In one style, a 6 would have worked, but the waistline came halfway up my back. In another style, I couldn't even get into a 10. From the same store! ;p Guys have it so easy. This length by this waistline, they don't even have to try things on ;p

Wedding is 213 days away, my dress is an 8 (which translates to a 6 in normal clothing size). I'm already wanting the zipper replaced with a corset back, it'll need a little tweaking, but I want to get in better shape anyway. We still don't know what we're doing for a honeymoon but I'm sure it'll involve a beach and a bathing suit >.<

I figure I need to start out slow, start with yoga and build up to kickass cardio. I'm trying to keep my portions in check, with not so much success. We've been kinda short on funds so getting fresh healthy ingredients hasn't been real easy. We did splurge and get some fruit, and I do try to get the whole grain pasta, but there's a lot of packaged side dishes and he likes to fry a lot. I do what I can with blotting grease or trying a baking technique instead ;p

I know once I start working I'll be up and moving around more, I just need to kick myself in the butt and get moving. I know it'll make me feel better, just for some stupid reason haven't wanted to. Did some work in the garden, that was fun exercise. Kinda glad I don't own a scale though ;p

What do YOU guys do to get yourself actually moving? :)

Jan. 18th, 2012



Week Two!

Okay, so this week wasn't QUITE as successful as last week since I didn't lose any weight. But I chalk that up to the fact that I was at a con all weekend and was at the mercy of junk food. The good part is I didn't GAIN any weight either. So I can't complain too much. :)

So this week I'm hovering still at 167. I started the couch to 5k program and I have to admit its not kicking my butt as hard as it was in the begining. And I've noticed that even though I haven't lost the weight I HAVE lost inches! My jeans and slacks are fitting loser than before as well as a few tops I own. WOOT! I also have been feeling more toned and less stressed since taking up running. REALLY happy with the results of C5K. I look forward to running every week now and my girlfriends and I have a fantastic time together.

How is everyone else doing?

Jan. 9th, 2012



Weekly Weigh In!

Aaaand We are back. And so far, I'm doing pretty dang well. Its a plesant surprise since the last few times I tried to start back up again, I kept failing miserably.
I popped back on to Weight Watchers and it took very little time to adjust to the plan again. In the past I always ended up starving my first few days. This time I ended up with left over points at the end of the day because I felt so full. Go me!

I also started my Couch to 5k training last week. My friend and I only did two days instead of three because of time issues. This week though we're meeting with more ladies and we are starting a schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to see how it works out. And believe me when I say that those two days KICKED MY BUTT. It was a fun workout but I realized that a-My Asthma is still kicking and b-I am not AS out of shape as I thought. Oh I am out of shape, don't get me wrong! But my muscles weren't horribly mangled after my first run and I made it all the way through. AND I'm excited to do it again! I really liked what a great stress relief running was.

So here be the stats:
Starting weight: 170
Current weight: 167
Total Loss: 3lbs

Not bad for right out the gate!

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