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some progress

May started my Fun Flirty and Fabulous month, so I kind of forced myself to work out. I knew it would make me feel better I just had to force myself ;) Did half a dance workout I found on Netflix, really liked it but my knee couldn't keep up when they went to more hip-hop moves, but it was a start ;) We've gone for a walk downtown and around a few shops and stuff. We finally were able to get a Wii, and we got the Wii Fit Plus and picked up the Zumba game thingie too :) I got into that this morning (just got it last night) and played around for a while :) My Mii totally porked out and the der der der music told me 'that's overweight' ;p I was a few pounds heavier than I thought I was at but not totally surprised ;) The zumba dances were a lot of fun, but the belt wouldn't stay where it was supposed to and kept sliding up or down and not staying ;p I need to play with that a bit, maybe rig something up ;) I also tried archery yesterday for the first time in a long time, I'm not really sore from it but it'd be good for toning my arms and back :)

In fun news, I brought my wedding dress home last week :D I'm actually watching Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss, I know I'm on the smaller side but sometimes I really don't feel like it. And this show shows no matter what your size, you can look beautiful, makes me feel better :)

So, now I technically own a scale, this morning I was sitting at 140, I don't see being able to lose much more than 15 pounds, I'd look ill ;p I should take some measurements but I just don't want to ;) It's a more accurate way to track what I lose, but I just don't want to ;)


July 2012

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