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thundra in haaawt

ah HA!! LJ LIVES! ;) I can post!

Saw a quote on The Knot’s wedding boards yesterday, and it really stuck with me.
"If you talked to your friends the way you talk to your body, you'd have no friends left." Apparently the author specializes in body image, here’s an article and an exercise:

I can’t quite take myself seriously talking to my stomach and waiting for a response (other than the hungry rumbles) but I kinda get the idea of how it all works. Talk bad to yourself, you don’t feel better, you feel worse, and you can take it out on yourself, which is just a downward spiral. I’m trying to look at myself right now as ‘you could be worse, but you have been and could once again be better, and we’re going to get there.’

I got my Maid of Honor dress I ordered off David’s Bridal for Djali’s wedding yesterday. Chris had to fight to help me get the zipper up. I looked like a stuffed sausage. Which makes me think about sausage-y foods, like jambalaya, and then I want to stuff my face ;) I don’t know if it can be altered to raise the flare where my hips actually are or not, I’m already going to have to have it shortened, and money is tight.

I signed up for a few free things today. I joined Fitness Magazine’s online page to get some good workout ideas, Sparkle People to track my measurements, and I’ve been posting on The Knot’s ‘getting in shape’ message board. This morning I did a great workout on the Wii, mostly cardio but a chunk also was strength training (abs), and some fun stuff too. I took my measurements today before the workout, I’m at 142 lbs, my natural waist is 32, my lower waist is 34 (ugh the dreaded pooch!), hips at 42, thigh at 24. It really doesn’t sound that bad, but on my short body, it’s not pretty. Could be worse, but working to make it better, because then I’ll feel better, I’ll feel more confident and healthy and badass ;)

SOooooooo my goals: I’m more interested in dropping inches than weight, but I know I’ve added pounds that don’t need to be there. I hope to get down to about 125-130 by October. The Wii says with my height, a healthy weight for me is around 116. Yea, if I’m totally anorexic! ;p I want to get my hips down to 40 if I can, we’ll see on that. My tummy I want down to 26/28 (yes this is possible… I’m a pear shape but an hourglassy one). Any inches off the thighs is awesome ;)

With the move coming up next week, I know I’ll be getting more exercise, and then I’ll have lots of land to run around on and I can run laps down to the creek and back up the hill if I need to ;) I have the Wii Fit I can use, I have the Zumba for that too although the belt really doesn’t like to stay in place, I have tons of workout DVDs, this really shouldn’t be an issue. At least the new place has hardwood floors… I can put on socks and skate around ;)
Setting goals! Putting it out there! I may be posting more for my own workout accountability, we’ll see ;)


July 2012

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