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who me?

thundra in haaawt


Yep, posting a lot, keeps me motivated ;)

Woke up feeling rather 'thick' this morning, just heavy and well, thick ;p I was dreading the Wii body test. After going up over two pounds yesterday (thank you spaghetti lunch) on top of the ups from all week, I was about at my breaking point. Well, I'm FINALLY making progress. Dropped 2.6lbs from yesterday, that was all that I had put ON this week and then a little more. I was so surprised! Forcing myself to work out daily has apparently started to work :) as well as drinking more water and eating better of course ;p

Today I did my strength/abs first to warm up, then my cardio, then some balance games to cool off. Total 45 minutes today. I "ran" for 20, and I was VERY proud of myself, in 20 mins I "ran" 3.432 miles :) I've made a kind of chart to well, chart my progress :) I've been trying to keep track of my time to track improvement. The average mile time jumped a bit at first, but that happens when you try stuff for longer ;) it's been going down overall! I know it's not anything close to what it would be if I tried to put on shoes and actually RUN that far, but it's still a boost :) And to think I thought I was feeling winded today! OK lets see if I can get my chart to actually seperate out here... no luck yet... CRAP how do you do a table again... ok there we go. wonky, but it works.

Date Time Ran Mile 1 Mile 2 Mile 3 Total Distance Average Mile Time
07/09/12 10 min ? - - 1.451 6m 53s
07/10/12 20 min ? 14m 30s - 2.856 7m 1s
07/12/12 10 min 6m 28s - - 1.617 6m 10s
07/13/12 20 min 6m 3s 11m 52s 17m 38s 3.432 5m 49s

I know I'm going to hit a point where I stop improving, but for now, these numbers feel good :) Hopefully my math is right for figuring out the average times ;)

I actually feel motivated to get stuff done today. Funny, isn't it ;)


July 2012

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