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Jan. 2nd, 2012


Jump Starting Myself

Yeah, I need to knock the dust of this comm...I've been REALLY bad.
Anyways, Hey again everyone! I totally felt off the wagon because life got in the way but here I am again. Thanks to all who have been trying to breathe life back into this place. :)

ANYWAYS, here I be. I ended up gaining a lot of my weight back over this last year. Its my own fault since I wasn't paying much attention to be honest. At my lowest I was at 155. Now I'm back up to 170...ugh! So I've desided to get back on the horse and return to my weight loss goal again.

My main goal for 2012 is to run in a 5k. Since I'm an asthamtic and kinda a lazy butt, I never ran in my life. Walked and danced? Yes. But this year I really want to do this 5k. So I'm taking on the Couch to 5k program to get towards this goal. Honestly, I don't care if I place in a 5k. I just want to say I did it.:) So me and some gal pals will be meeting up this week to start our first day. Here's hoping!

I'm also going back on weight watchers this week as well. Weight Watchers worked really well for me when I was losing weight for my wedding 3 years ago. So I'm going to give it a whirl again and see how it goes.

I'm going to take the losses in staged goals. I'm hoping to lose a pound a week if possible. Also hoping to eventually get down to my "fightin weight" of 155 by the summer.
Wish me luck!

Jan. 1st, 2012



Hi everyone!

Hello everyone!

I just recently joined this community and I would like to introduce myself.

I started losing weight in March of 2011 and as of this morning I have lost 93.6 lbs.  All together I have about 150 lbs I need to lose so I am more than halfway there!

I want to lose weight for many reasons.  To be healthy, to cure depression/anxiety, for self confidence and of course... to be haaawt!

I have made major changes to my eating habits which I have recently had the slightest bit of trouble with so tomorrow I am doing a major 180 and starting a juice fast to clean out my system and my palate once again.

I look forward to communicating with you all this channel, happy 2012!

Dec. 15th, 2011



someone find me some battery cables...

We need to jump start this community back to life! ;) It’s been since JUNE since anyone posted in here, I know I’m guilty too (but I have no internet so that’s my excuse, haha) ;)

So the planning for Djali’s wedding is proceeding well to the best of my knowledge =) I flew out last month and we went dress shopping and finally got her to start working on colors ;) I know I need to get in shape for her wedding, but yea, I’m going to be selfish and say that I need to get in shape for my own a little more ;) Yup!! That’s right, I GOT ENGAGED!!!! =D My wonderful boyfriend proposed on my birthday under a tree made of Christmas lights in a downtown park after getting my dad’s permission =) And there’s even a picture ^_^

SO!! We’re looking at a date that’s two weeks after Djali’s that way we can still make it to eachothers and all that good stuff =) I don’t get an October wedding, but down here we get more colors in November anyway and that’s what I REALLY want ;) I actually ordered the Bridal Bootcamp book today and will have it next week so I can start getting into that. Must start working out!! ;) I’ve read from the reviews that the food plan for that book is ridiculous (3 oz this, 5 grams that) so since I tend to eat pretty healthy anyway I’m just going to kick the vending machine habit at work by making sure I have plenty of healthy snacks, but for me to really watch my portions. That is the sticking point for me. Women’s Health also has a Healthy Bride workout DVD that got awesome reviews on Amazon, I’ll probably pick that up next payday or so.

So Yay!! =) And apparently someone else we were really good friends with in high school got engaged over thanksgiving… guess it really does happen in threes ;)

Feb. 24th, 2011



Been stalled for a couple weeks. Between all nighters and packing the house, and now all nighters and having had to deal with jury duty (3 hour drive away because I'm with Patrick's parents) and kitty chemo, things aren't great. But at least I don't think I've gained. I won't be able to weigh in until we're in Santa Clara again, but ah well. I'll just keep trying to keep healthy living in mind.

Feb. 18th, 2011



oh well

Okay so I'm posting from my phone this morning... see how this goes. Per my weight this morning, I'm back up a few pounds. I prefer doing it Saturday because of timing and how my body works but wont have time or equipment tomorrow. Its funny, I always knew watching pounds would drive me insane. But i did it anyway ;p so I'm really disappointed with the weight thing this morning, even though I lost the two inches off my waist I still feel like I failed. I need to measure everywhere and see if I've lost anywhere else, but my hip measurement always goes up when I work out. I'll take a more lifted butt tho no problem ;) I'm going to try to get in some cardio at the hotel this weekend, its a 5 hour drive one way so I know I'll be needing a little exercise.


Feb. 16th, 2011



merf :(

I know I was all happy a few days ago, but I'm not feeling it today. it's gotten to the point where I called my mom. She's doing weight watchers and apparently all the weight she's lost, it came off veeerrryyy slowly, which makes me feel better. I guess I don't see her enough, she seemed to lose it so fast ;) But so I asked her about what her points allowance is because she's not much taller than me and not much heavier. I happened to have glanced at my frozen healthy choice lunch today and noticed the points so it put the thought into my head. I think I may know why my weight and BMI per the Wii has totally plateaued for the moment. or for the last ten days to be exact. A few reasons really.

1. I've been really putting in an effort to get more exercise. Mostly focusing on my abs, trying to tone my waistline. I've been feeling the workout all week, felt nice actually. But on the flip side, maybe I'm not giving myself enough of a break. Too much lactic acid. Would explain why I just feel... heavy. I've been drinking lots of water, mostly just because I'm thirsty, but also to help flush that stuff out. I'm sure I'm adding muscle as well.

2. I may not be eating ENOUGH. Crap. Something I though I'd never ever say ;p Well, so not enough calories anyway. It's all just... so healthy ;) Tomorrow I'm going to do a calorie count (and sodium count best I can figure), and may end up making freaking sausage spaghetti for dinner ;)

3. Even though they're the Healthy Choice lunches, and I always remember those being low sodium because they were so bland, I guess the steamers are not. Might be why I'm so thirsty... and why I actually like them o.O But that would mean my body holding onto more water although according to the lovely hydration urine color test safety poster on the lunch room wall, I'm very hydrated ;p

SO, even though it's my 'deadline' for this particular goal this weekend, I think I'm going to treat myself to a break. Start again when I get into the new place, set a new goal. And since I already had a grilled chicken salad for dinner, plan something a little more substantial for dinner tomorrow.


Feb. 13th, 2011

who me?



A little bit of progress. Weight hasn't budged but I finally kicked another inch! Yea! Granted as soon as I eat anything it'll come back but for now, my waist is smaller than last week :)

I also bumped my target date out until Friday since that's when we leave for Atlanta and I have a sneaky suspicion that I'm not going to have to look fabulous for anyone come Monday. Although the plan is still to go goth to work. Should be entertaining ;)

I kinda totally slacked off last week (again), with getting the rental house thing approved and running around here and there and whatnot, but for the most part I ate pretty well. Although I did make a real effort when I was doing inventory to hold my abs in super tight and not let go for each item I had to check out. Kinda like standing crunches ;) Next week (well, starting today actually) I intend to really ramp up my workouts, and even if I don't want to, at LEAST do an ab workout. I have no room in my bedroom, I have a small mountain of boxes in the way, so it'll have to be done in the living room. Translation as SOON as I get home from work ;) I'm going to try to eat super healthy this week, dinner will be the tricky part though. We usually have something pretty well balanced, but I'm really going to focus on portion control at the supper table. At lunch it's not so bad because I'm moving at work all the time. I know I didn't eat very well yesterday (the girls and I went out of town shopping for Atlanta) so I drank a lot of water after I got home and before bed. I was thirsty anyway but I think that helped my measurements this morning.

and now... breakfast :)

Feb. 10th, 2011



Checking in

Been trying to be good, eating Lean cuisines with a yogurt and some celery for lunch. So far so good. My coworker went on a diet so I think she is helping me mind my own calorie intake. I went to the Dr last week, back up to my original weight from last year. I can't be too hard on myself though, I went through the loss of two people in my immediate family AND the sale of the company I work for. Enough stress to last for a couple of years I think. Still pissed that the 20 lbs I lost in the beginning of last year went to hell. Argh.

So, going to continue to ease back into the low calorie intake, I started my 2 week cleanse which usually always makes me feel better. Going to continue to keep watching what I eat and trying to make an effort to -move- more.

Feb. 5th, 2011




I'm not a real happy camper this morning. According to the Wii I've dropped 2.5 pounds since I last checked in a few days ago, but it's a different time of day so really, not much difference. Waist hasn't changed at all. Getting frustrated. I got such a workout at work this week and I was still playing on the Wii after I got home. So I guess even though I'll be doing more of the same next week, I still have to do the real workouts if I want to see any change. At least my weight is close to the goal I had set for the ticker. I'm going to confirm it on the house scale once Andrea gets out of bed. Which may mean I do it tomorrow if we go look at houses today.

I'm just annoyed. I've been eating better, more fruits and stuff, working on portion control, been getting exercise, and nothing. All I'm getting for my efforts is my face is breaking out. Gee, thanks.

Jan. 31st, 2011



so lazy

but I did it, I made myself get on the Wii for half an hour today. I put the feet back on the bottom of the board (still not sure why they were taken off in the first place) and sure enough, my little Mii porked out and while I hardly think 133 is "overweight" even if I am short, at least I know that it and the scale are back on the same page. And I've lost seven pounds sofar according to the scale as of this last weekend. Now to work on this waistline...

According to the Wii it thinks an ideal weight for me would be 116. I laugh at this. I have too much muscle. And I don't think it would be possible let alone healthy looking for me to drop 20 pounds. However one of my friends mentioned that I'd look SO good if I did. One of my female friends mind you. Who has got some size on me. I guess I'm kinda sensitive about it and it's rubbing me the wrong way, I haven't been that small since high school, and without a radical change to my lifestyle that I for one will not enjoy along with everyone who has to deal with me, it ain't happening. Ten I can do, 20 is too much I believe. I work in a warehouse, I move boxes and carry crap around, I have muscle. Not nearly as much as I used to but that's not the point ;)

I think tomorrow I'm going to do the ab workout as well as some Wii Fit. Get a good hour or so total in if I have the energy.

I'm looking to rent a house, I had a big disappointment on that front today actually. Found a great one, super cute, huge back yard, but they don't allow pets. Sigh :( If I can I'd like to get one with a garage, I miss having access to a heavy bag :) Kickboxing can be such good stress relief... and an awesome workout ;) my gloves are around here somewhere...

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