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thundra in haaawt


So I finally get the Wii up and running, I've lost no weight in the last couple of weeks. Even with the moving and all that exercise, nothing. I took my measurements this morning, my hips in theory went down a half an inch, my midsection got bigger -.- I have a theory. I hardly ate when we were moving. Too hot, too much stress, too much to do, and a few days ago I felt pretty good about my appearance. Well, apparently my body has been trying to get me to consume the calories I missed out on because i was starving the last couple of days and doing almost no exercise. And I did drink a lot of soda this weekend, far more than I usually do in a week, so it's back to water to flush out that bloat. I'm not happy. I don't do diets well, I become miserable, so I have to find healthy stuff that actually tastes good and isn't stupid expensive.

So I put in my half hour on the Wii, "ran" 1.45 miles in 10 minutes, I was pretty proud of that. Its just jogging in place but I wasn't dying so it was good (I've never been a runner). Did the hula hoop thing for six minutes, the basic step for a few, then I ended it with some fun balance games because my back was starting to hurt from the hula ;p


There's a good chance that you hit that point where you're gaining muscle now. Muscle weighs more than fat so that could be your body in flux. If you lost inches somewhere then you're doing something right!
Drink some water and avoid salty foods. I always bloat up in the summer because of the heat, not enough water and too much salt.
As for diets, Think more of it along of portion control than cutting all the good stuff out. Its okay to indulge sometimes! Just not everyday.
Don't give up though! You just hit a little road block! :)

July 2012

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